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Macedonian Esport Association


About the organization

The Macedonian e-sport association – MESA is an organization of enthusiasts with experience in e-sports. It is founded with a mission to promote e-sports in Macedonia and to develop the Macedonian e-sports community by regularly organizing events and tournaments. MESA is leaning towards elevating the e-sport to the next level, to place Macedonia on the world stage, and to present a chance to our e-athletes to be seen on it. It is here to create an environment that can nurture new talents as well as to give a chance to the veterans.
While performing our activities and fulfilling our goals we always implement transparency, cooperation, equality, impartiality, responsibility, and inclusiveness.

Board of Directors

Konstantin Pejoski


Hamid Arif


Nikola Franc

Research Department


The Macedonian E-Sport Association – MESA which only two years ago was an idea that seemed far from being realized,is now formal and official. The realization of the need for this type of organization has been realized by creating MESA, and thus enabled all existing and future generations of “gamers” to strive to realize their desires and realize their ideas. This creates real opportunities in our country that have existed outside our country for a long time.

After a certain period of time, in December 2019 “MESA” officially became the first Macedonian e-sports organization. Among the most deserving for this to be done are the founders Konstantin Pejoski, Aleksandar Paunoski and Darko Nikodinovski. Mesa, as a Macedonian e-sports organization, aims and has the task of affirming and popularizing the electronic sports in Macedonia, which in the past period were not given enough attention, and that will be the main goal of MESA.

The Macedonian E-sports Association was established to improve the conditions in Macedonia for electronic sports, the way they are interpreted and to work transparently and responsibly for the benefit of the e-sports community, as well as to support the talented current and future players.









Members of the Assembly

Aleksandar Paunoski

IT Department

Momchilo Delovski

pr department

Aleksandar Mladenovski

Human Resources Department

Darko Nikodinovski


Filip Ugrinovski


Mabela Trendafilova

Project Manager

Ivan Stosikj

IT Department


Damjan Ilievski

League of Legends

Momchilo Delovski

CS:GO, DOTA and Clash Royale

Darko Nikodinovski

Fortnite and League of Legends

Vencislav Kozarovski