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Hamid Arif

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IT Department

Short Biography

Hamid Arif, known among gamers as “Hamcho”, was born on November 8, 1996 in Skopje. A big fan of the game Dota 2 on which he spends most of the time in his gaming career. His interest in the world of e-sports started with Dota as part of a Warcraft III scenario when he was less than 8 years old, until today where he manages to place in the top 2000 players in Europe according to the ranking system in dota2. He has also played for semi-professional Dota 2 teams. He has organized a number of tournaments in this area and at the same time was one of the main commentators on the event A1 Game Fest 2019. With his extensive experience in the field of electronic sports he will give a great contribution to the Macedonian sports scene.