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David Nikolovski

General Secretary
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General Secretary

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David Nikolovski was born on February 7, 1999 in Skopje. He is currently a student at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering. He developed a passion for gaming from an early age, especially towards Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. In addition to electronic sports, he is a big fan of football, basketball and chess.
In 2019 he achieved success by winning the first place at the “University Championship of UKIM in Chess”. According to him, еsport should be considered an official and serious sport because of its rise in popularity and it being an integral part of our daily lives. He was one of the coordinators for the Dota 2 event at A1 Game Fest 2019. Starting in 2020, David is a member of MESA and is in the marketing and social networking sector.