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MESA Gaming Weekend


From 15.08 to 17.08.2020, the first Gaming Weekend took place, an event comprised of 3 smaller tournaments in 3 different disciplines. It was a weekend to remember for fans of Dota 2, Clash Royale and Chess online. This Gaming weekend started with a one-on-one tournament in the renowned Dota 2, where players tested their readiness and ability. The first place was won by Ardian ``Allyson`` Asani who defeated his opponent Petar ``Tanka`` Geshkoski in the grand final. Gorazd ``Gogo`` Mamurovski secured the third place.
The second day of this gaming weekend was reserved for Clash Royale, a game that was among the first to popularize ``mobile`` gaming. Here in the final, Damjan Krstev competed against Dimitrij Banov and after 2 turnarounds Krstev prevailed. Alexander Zozovski deservedly took the third place.
This exciting weekend ended with one of the world renowned classics - chess. Many thanks to for hosting the overall Chess Online Tournament. To our great satisfaction we had participants who carry the title of ``Grandmaster`` or ``Intermaster``. The best three in this tournament were the winner Filip Mihov, the second place Toni Lazov and the third place Oliver Organdziev.
Once again we give great thanks to our friends: Neotel MKD, Neksio, CHESS CLUB GAMBIT ASSECO-SEE & FRIENDS, GG.MK and Lynx Studios.

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