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A gaming event which lasted a whole month consisting of seven disciplines - what more could a game aspire for? Starting with Fortnite and ending with League of Legends, the best players and teams in the most played eSports battled in the highest level. Fortnite 14th-15th November 2020 - one of the newest eSports where the best players are indubitably in the youngest age group. The prize pool was equally distributed among the best three teams. Clash Royale 18th November 2020 - one of the most popular eSports among mobile games, with the best players also being from a very young age group. The winner of the tournament was Aleksandar ``NarutoUzumaki:)`` Zozovski. The second place belonged to the only woman who finished on the podium out of all the tournaments within AGM - ANA. Kristijan finished in third place. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) 20th-22nd November 2020 - the most highly anticipated gaming event in Macedonia. Organized by professionals, won by professionals, the tournament was marked a huge success with zero technical problems and minimal delays! The best team in Macedonia, GoodGame, after trailing 0-1 maps and almost seemingly losing the second map, managed to claw an unreal comeback which brought back hope to GoodGame. In the end, they managed to finish off GODZ1337 in convincing fashion after trailing 0-1. The third place was split between QQ and Infusion eSport. Chess 25th November 2020 - the ancient game, which most recently boomed in popularity with the Netflix series ``The Queen's Gambit``, is now an eSport. With the current corona pandemic and lack of ``over the board (OTB)`` tournaments, every major tournament is now played online from home, making it the most unlikely eSport of them all. Due to technical issues with, the tournament had to be prolongued. Dota 2 - 27th-28th November 2020 - MESA, for the first time, had organized a tournament in one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, a game which we had all played at least once. As anticipated even before the group stages had begun, Mjolnir won the tournament in convincing fashion without losing a single map! Such dominance is rarely displayed in the highest levels, which makes this win all the more impressive. Kiradzii finished in 2nd place, whereas the third place was split between M.O.B. and pita4i. League of Legends (LoL) 4th-6th December - going from one MOBA to another, we finished off AGM with the best Macedonian LoL teams! Reborn eSports, in similar fashion as Mjolnir in Dota, had again won a tournament organized by MESA convincingly (the first one being back in April 2020 - Quarantine Online Tournament). Harmony finished in second place. The third place was split between Vincit Omnia and Evolution Squad.