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Erasmus+ Esport Event Powered by MESA


The Macedonian Esport Association and the National Agency for European Study Programmes and Mobility calls out to all gaming enthusiasts, players, both young and old, as well as any others that feel compelled, during the open days of Erasmus+!

The applications start on the 7th of October from 8 pm, and last until 12am on the 11th of October. To apply, click on the “Register Here” below the text.

The format for the League of Legends tournament will consist of a group stage with a bracket created through random selection. The matches in the group stage will be single-elimination and best of one (BO1), and the best team in the group will advance in the semifinals.

The semifinal matches and the grand finale will be played in a best of three (BO3) format.

The games are played between two teams consisting of 5 players, in lobby previously created by the administrators.

It is allowed for an additional (backup) player to apply for a team if needed, however it is not a requirement.

The whole event will be streamed on Twitch, on the official channel of the Macedonian Esport Association.